Saturday, July 13th, 2019
A Free Event
A letter from our Artistic Director

Welcome to Jazz Up Glen Ellyn 2019!

This year we are proud to honor the historic legacy of Chicago’s own Delmark Records.

A legendary label that has recorded artists ranging from the Dixie Stompers to Junior Wells to Sun Ra, Delmark has celebrated the many, many flavors of Chicago-style jazz and blues.

One of the things that makes Chicago unique is its blend of Soul, Blues, Jazz and innovation – and this year we celebrate all of those traditions at Jazz Up Glen Ellyn 2019!

From Dave Specter and the Soul Message band laying down the Blues, to Ari Brown and Ernest Dawkins celebrating the traditions of modern Chicago Jazz, to Goef Bradfield and my own group reaching out to compositional innovation, we span the spectrum of jazz styles.

And wouldn’t you know it all of these groups record for Delmark Records! So enjoy a day of grooving and a night of jamming and don’t forget to visit the Delmark Records booth and pick up a signed CD or maybe even some vintage vinyl!

It’s all here at Jazz Up Glen Ellyn!

Fareed Haque, Artistic Director, Jazz Up Glen Ellyn

Jazz Up Early!
at Glen Ellyn First United Methodist Church


Hosted by Bellas Artes featuring Fareed Haque

9:30 – 10:30am

Join celebrated Jazz guitarist Fareed Haque as he walks you through the connections between Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Rock n Roll!! A fun, entertaining, informative ‘instruments in hand’ ride for all players – beginners, intermediate or advanced! All players should bring their instruments and be prepared to play – just a little – with Fareed and his band. And if you can play a basic minor blues scale, even better!

It’ll be a hootenanny of a jam!!!

$25 to enroll.  Register in advance here:

Jazz Camp Final Concert

Bellas Artes Institute for Jazz Studies

10:30 – 11:30am

Enjoy this FREE and open to the public concert which culminates the Second Annual Jazz Camp for students ages 12-18 hosted by Bellas Artes. Enjoy our student combos as they finish their week long Jazz Camp before this special day of Jazz begins in Downtown Glen Ellyn. Click here for more information to attend!

Volunteer Opportunities!

Free Online Sign Up Sheets

Celebrate the Free Jazz movement: The evolving collective cultural memory of the American Jazz aesthetic

Featuring Ernest Dawkins

11:30 – 12:30pm

Join this FREE clinic and celebrate the Free Jazz movement evolving collective cultural memory of the American Jazz aesthetic. Open to all but please register in advance so we know you are coming!

Click here to register for this FREE clinic!

Check Out the Schedule
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Featured Artist

Dawkins started his musical journey at the tender age of eight, when he learned how to play the bass and conga drums. At nineteen, he became mesmerized by the sound of the saxophone while listening to his father’s jazz recordings of Lester Young. It was not until he heard the alto sax of Guido Sinclair, however, that he knew this was the instrument he wanted to play. Within a week, he had purchased his first saxophone, clarinet, and flute. Two weeks later, Dawkins got his first lesson from members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). From there, his illustrious career in music began.

Dawkins was named ‘Chicagoan of the Year’ twice by the Chicago Tribune, most recently in 2001. He received a Meet the Composers Round VII New Residencies grant in 2000 and has been awarded the State of Illinois Governors Fellowship award twice. In 2008, he received a Governor’s International Grant. Dawkins established The Englewood Jazz Festival, now in its 11th year, and founded Live The Spirit Residency, a not-for-profit arts organization committed to improving access to creative and improvised music for under-served communities within the city of Chicago.

Innovations Stage
Innovations Stage
Traditions Stage
Traditions Stage

Soul Message Band

Ari Brown Band

Dave Specter Band

Jazz Up Sessions
The music continues from early in the day to all night long
in shops and restaurants around town
Jazz Up Sessions
The music continues from early in the day to all night long
in shops and restaurants around town
High Hat Second Line | Marinella's @ 3:30pm
  1. High Hat Second Line
  2. Marinella's
Geof Bradfield | Marinella's @ 5:30pm
  1. Geof Bradfield
  2. Marinella's
Ari Brown & Delmark Jazz All-Stars | Rue @ 9pm
Rue | 504 Crescent Blvd.
  1. Ari Brown & Delmark Jazz All-Stars
  2. Rue
Soul Message Band | North Side @ 8:30pm
North Side Bar & Grill | 499 Pennsylvania Ave.
  1. Soul Message Band
  2. North Side Bar & Grill
Chris Madsen | 2 Hound Red @ 7pm
2 Hound Red | 486 Pennsylvania Ave.
  1. Chris Madsen
  2. 2 Hound Red
Fareed Haque & Flat Earth Ensemble | McMae's @ 9:30pm
McMae's on Main | 411 N. Main St.
  1. Fareed Haque & Flat Earth Ensemble
  2. McMae's on Main
David Ericson Trio | A Toda Madre @ 9:30pm
A Toda Madre | 499 N Main St.
  1. Dave Specter and the Delmark Blues All-Stars
  2. Main Street Pub
Dave Specter/Delmark Blues All-Stars | Main St. Pub @ 10pm
Main Street Pub | 466 N Main St.
  1. Dave Specter and the Delmark Blues All-Stars
  2. Main Street Pub
and Meet & Greet
MYAC Big Band | 11am - 12:30pm
1st Methodist Church | 424 Forest Ave.
  1. MYAC Big Band
  2. 1st Methodist Church
Fareed & Tony | 4:00 - 4:30pm
Enza | 504 Crescent
  1. Fareed Haque & Tony Monaco
  2. Enza Sicilian Osteria
Sonic Poets | 4:45 - 5:15pm
The Stand | 542 Crescent
  1. Sonic Poets
  2. The Stand
Chinchano | 6:30 - 7:00pm
The Bookstore | 475 N Main
  1. Chinchano
  2. The Bookstore
Barb City Stompers | 6:30 - 7:00pm
Marinella's | 548 Duane
  1. Barb City Stompers
  2. Marinella's
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